Zambian Excellence Questionnaire;

Q- Briefly introduction yourself and where you are located?

Ans – I am Leonard Katulushi, 25. I am Zambian born in Ndola. Currently based in West Africa (Niger). Engaged in Missionary Humanitarian Works in West Africa 2016 just after my university studies. I speak French, English, Arabic, Nyanja, and Bemba. By profession Human Rights Expert, Linguist, Philosopher, Missionary and Humanitarian Activist.

Countries worked in: Niger, Burkina Faso and Algeria.

Q How do you define yourself? What 3 words describe you?

Ans – I define myself first of all through many words, Unique, Talented, Very Passionate, Smart, Diverse, Happy, Sad, Weak. This combination of different qualities is what makes Leonard a Human Being. Secondly, I define myself as a person who is not faint-hearted, not easily discouraged, I am just someone who tries to do his best in what he does with Passion. I love putting a smile on another’s face.

The three words that describe me are; Passionate, Focused and Motivated.

Q Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are, what you believe in and what youre committed to in your work and life? Tell me about them.

Ans – My first key mentor is my Mother. She has certainly deeply influenced by being since childhood. She has always believed in my capacities, even when others have doubted. She always encouraged me to be “Human” above all. To always believe in my talents and do my best in all I do. To see me in the other and to always be convinced in doing what is right, not what others feel is right for me.

My Second Mentor is Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi with his simple and profound message “be the change you want to see in the world,” has always helped me to pursue things unconventionally but with passion and purpose. His simplicity and approach as a lawyer have remained a captivating factor in my life. My conviction about Mahatma Gandhi is that he was a person of principle and not a quick success. He was an epitome of simplicity, leading by personal example, changing mindsets of people, inclusive Philosophy, Patience, Humility and Pursuer of Truth. 

Q What would you say most motivates you to do what you do? What are the goals you most want to accomplish professionally and personally?

Ans – What motivates what I do is my conviction that “we can all make a difference, where we are, with what we are doing and with what we have, only if we do all with Passion.” And as Gandhi would rightly put it that, “be the change I wish to see in the world.”

My Goals are; To be always done with great Passion all that I do, To be a good African Legal Expert and be able to defend the vulnerable, To motivate and Inspire as many great young minds as possible, especially in Africa. To create an initiative of African women and children empowerment so has to help the lives of many that have  

Q Share with me something about yourself that youre working on improving, what personal development areas do you have?

Ans – Am working on my writing skills and hoping to improve on that. I am also working to improve on my drum set and piano playing skills.

Q Did you have any life-defining experiences that shaped you into the person you are today? Tell me about them.

Ans – The first among my life-defining moments was when my Dad past on. Without him, I had to learn to be an independent thinker, a fighter and never to give up in life. My mother made a lot of sacrifices just to make sure I had at least the minimum needs to continue with my academic and intellectual formation. The challenges I went through after my fathers passing on made me into the person I am today. Each day that passed, I grew stronger and with Mothers, words of encouragement destiny were been shaped.

The second life-defining moment was when I succeeded in defending my Honorary Degree Thesis under a panel on well-known professors and Lecturers. It was breathtaking hearing one of the professors saying, “Africa needs young minds like yours Leonard.”

Q What is your philosophy in life? What is your favourite quote?

Ans –My Philosophy is very simple, I always live not to impress but rather let my life be captured as Inspiring and Motivating to another.

My favorites quotes are: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

                                          ‘’ What I am is Gods gift to me, what I do is my gift to God”

                                          “A candle does not lose its light simply by helping give light to another”

Q Given a chance to have dinner with 3 people, who would those be and why?

Ans – Mum, Wamsula Sean Penza and Ben Carson. Because these are individuals who believe in the capacity and ability of people like me, I feel I might still have a lot to learn from them.

Q What day-to-day habits do you have that make you have a successful day?

Ans – I have been visiting, listening and talking to prisoners and Immigrants for some time now, I feel that has always been making my day a success. I also write different articles on various issues and I have been having my articles published in the Jesuit for Theological reflection magazine.   

Q How have you managed to overcome the social challenges that may hold women back from reaching their goals?

Ans –I think the first thing that has always been a key is believing in your capacities and becoming open to critics. This has made me overcome most of the social challenges. I have always listened and welcomed critics in all that I do, and from there I have learnt to improve and advance. Lastly, I have always tried no to live by impressing others. The passion in all I do has never been dominated by what others think of me, but what I think of myself. 

Q What is the vision for your future? What do you still want to achieve?

Ans – The Vision for my future is to always remain passionate in all I do. I always want to make a positive difference in the life of another, despite my imperfection. I want my life to reflect my values. I want to be the example I wish to see in the world.

What I still want to achieve is coming creating an initiative which will enable those individuals who think they have lost it all to rise again, to make them realize their potentials. 

Q What advice would you give to your younger self?

Ans – Believe in your potentials and let determination, focus, perseverance and passion lead you to your destiny. Never do anything just for money, be passionate about whatever you do and all other things will follow. Do not just make a difference, be the difference and never be afraid of being indifferent

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