We celebrating Zambian Excellence!

We would like to introduce you to Mrs Maria Hayford-Fynn,

This is what she had to say;

My name is Maria Hayford-Fynn and I am a Careers Adviser, Entrepreneur & Community Ambassador based in the United kingdom. I’m the founder of Maria’s Boutique, which is an online store specialising in women clothing named after my own name.http://www.mariasboutique.co.uk

My journey has not been easy but growing up and been raised in Zambia was the beginning of a great learning curve opportunity, which made me appreciate life, prepared me for the future and allowed me to know the importance of family support & hardworking. I grew up with lots of different people in my community, as such, I learnt how to cook, clean, stand on my own two feet; whilst looking after my family. All these experiences moulded me to become the strong, confident woman I am today, who is able to multitask and conquer the world despite the “dreams snatchers”

With my determination and perseverance, I want to setup my own retail shop, win awards for the “best online boutique”, be freelance Careers Coach and continue giving back to my Zambian community both in the UK and back home in any way I can to inspire and empower my people. “Wakanda Forever”

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, it has emotional roller coaster, with higher highs and lower lows, but with the right determination, support, encouragement and perseverance, nothing is impossible, as the word impossible itself writes “I’m possible”. So believe in yourself and what you are able to do with God given ability/talents. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, we are all talented in some way or another. So learn to tap into your talents and find the right mentors and surround yourself with the right people.

As a believer in my Zambian community in UK, I will say let’s continue to build one another, as “Together we can, divide we fall”. To the Amazing women, please continue to inspire, so our future generation will have the foundation to start on and build a great mother Zambia.


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