We are celebrating Zambian excellence.
Introducing you to Miss Stephanie Tsepo Masuwa aka Stephy Lately;
This is what she had to say:
Hi, My name is Stephanie, Fashion Blogger/Creative director at Stephylately.com. A platform committed to elevating and inspiring women to embrace their inner Queen traits through fashion and beauty.
My journey has had a lot of ups and downs but I am so thankful for the downs because they have pushed me to be the strong woman that I am now .
In two years time I see myself as a successful full time blogger, with a management team working towards the Stephylately brand.
For those women whose stories remain untold I would say : stop sitting on your story , you never know who you will be inspiring just by sharing your own experiences. We need more positive stories.
My final words are: we are still a long way in being a united front as a Zambian community in the UK but with the likes of platforms like UK Zambian Professional Network, hopefully the hidden Zambians will come out. Remember it’s up to our generation to stick together . Once our parents who brought us here are long gone, will we be able to even have a unified community? It’s up to us to make it happen . #pressforchange


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