Last night was amazing ? a few things that we gathered where: @zambiannetwork

There is a standard need to recognise that, with all the skill and minds sets we have so far on this platform, we have strong minds that can collectively change the face of our community in a positive way.

We all shared a common story of being told to keep away from Zambians but yesterday realised that it’s simply a generational issue of which we are the rebel group to fix it.

It was so inspiring to see Zambians from different industry backgrounds talking about their skills and expertise, to tell that Nigerian next door friend that we also have our own experts in these fields.

The teaching of “Stop hanging around Zambians” must come to an end as it has done less good. We need to embrace teamwork and support for one another. Rather than avoid each other, let’s create one another “SUPPORT!”

The next event will be more formal and practical, where you will be encouraged to give presentations on what you about, how the network can help support you and in return how through this networking, your contribution is converted into something beneficial to a fellow Zambian within our community

And moving forward, it was evident that with the individuals we got in this building, we are definitely stronger together as plant the seed of Zambian role models to change our Zambian identity within the African community from the non-existent to one that is progressively growing in a positive way

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