Zambian Network is a social media platform that intends to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Zambian professionals in various industries on an international stage. 

Our aim is to create a single networking stage for Zambian creative minds and professionals, by providing a common platform that will present opportunities to celebrate Zambian achievements while at the time identify transferable strength amongst like minded Zambians.
Our social media platform is poised to bring together Zambian professionals across the age and professional gaps, through interactive forums and events that will be natured by strategic management and structure composition with our working partners.


Zambian Network is a platform for professionals to interact, educate, celebrate, promote and empower each other.


Our platform consists of people from various professional backgrounds, coming together to share and showcase their skills, knowledge and talents.


To establish and harness mutually beneficial relationships with like minded or educated individuals to inspire each other to be the best version of themselves.

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